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Steps to Enroll with Coastal Pacific

  1. Send in your application documents. These documents include:
    1. Completed Application Form
    2. Scanned copy of your Student Permit (once you receive it)
    3.  Letter of Recommendation
    4.  Scanned Photo of your Passport

  2. Pay your administration fee and your seat deposit.
    1.  These fees must both be paid prior to our issuance of a LOA.
    2. Following your payment, send a screenshot of your receipt to

  3. Expect to receive your Letter of Acceptance within 5 business days.
    1.  For international students: After you receive your LOA, you can apply for a student visa.
    2. Communicate with CPA once your study permit has been approved.

  4. Expect to receive a message from your Flight Instructor, shortly before your desired flight training start date.
    1.  You and your instructor will set up a flying schedule together that matches both of your availability.

  5. If you are enrolled in Ground school, you can expect to receive:
    1.  A tentative start date for your ground school session
    2. An email with course schedule and required supplies. Set up a time to come in and pick up your textbooks before your start date.Welcome to the Coastal Pacific Aviation family!

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