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Embracing excellence in aviation training since 1973. We equip future aviators with the skills and knowledge to soar.

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Since its inception in 1973, Coastal Pacific Aviation Ltd. has evolved into an unparalleled flight school, where dedication meets innovation. Over the years, our unwavering commitment to excellence has propelled us to expand our fleet significantly. With 16 meticulously maintained Cessna 172s, 2 Piper PA-30s, a cutting-edge Diamond DA-42, and a versatile Cessna 185 for float plane training, our fleet stands as a testament to our continuous pursuit of advancement.

What truly sets us apart is the caliber of our instructors. Each instructor within our esteemed team is a pinnacle of top-tier training, embodying not only exceptional piloting skills but also possessing a robust educational background. This dual emphasis ensures that our students not only receive flight training but also benefit from a comprehensive educational experience, equipping them for the complexities of the modern aviation landscape.

At Coastal Pacific Aviation Ltd., we are more than a flight school; we are a legacy built on values of precision, education, and aviation mastery. Join us in embracing a journey that goes beyond the skies – a journey towards becoming a skilled aviator with a holistic understanding of the art and science of flight.

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